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03.04.2015 09:07, Mohammad from Niederdreisbach E-mail Homepage :
Sustain the incredible work !! Lovin' it!

Here is my web site - как да отслабна

09.10.2011 20:07, Wolfgang Peter Anthony from Zürich, CH E-mail Homepage :
Hi there,

I was the original lead guitarist of 'The four Windows' from Zurich. We were a guitar-instrumental group (4) in the early 80's and quite successful then. The German "Fachblatt" dedicated 2 pages on our first album (Identity). Those were the glory days! :) Since 1987 I live in Florida/USA and enjoy the sub-tropical climate. Good luck with your music! If you like to hear what I do now, visit my website.


02.01.2010 14:56, Bruce Wilson from Edinburgh/Berlin Homepage :
Hey Franz!
You're Welcome. Thanks for the kind message.
I bet listening to the music you never suspected that I'm a huge bluegrass fan too:-). Love Strength in Numbers/AKUS
I play lots of dobro as my music "hobby" away from the world of rock. Love acoustic music. I grew up with it in scotland.
A real pleasure to hear from you.
Looking forward to that jam someday.
Have a great 2010!

05.11.2008 12:19, Ricky Jamstone E-mail Homepage :
Hello from USA...

Ricky Jamstone

20.05.2007 20:01, Michael Lomac E-mail Homepage :
Hallo Franz, wo sind deine Einträge?

Page: 1
Entries: 5
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